Canvas: Creating high stakes online tests

April 27, 2021

Through thoughtful planning and adherence to well established best practices, you can create engaging, fair, and effective online exams. Proper test design and delivery discourages cheating without imposing undo technical requirements on test takers. Online tests should not be designed to mimic paper tests. Take advantage of the software’s ability to randomize question order, draw questions from larger pools, and provide multiple question formats. Consider including a few open ended questions or splitting an exam into two parts: one part being an auto-graded test and one part being a file upload assignment that is run through a plagiarism checker. The test availability window should be longer than the longest student submission attempt allowance. Online tests may take students slightly longer than paper tests to complete but allowing at most one minute per recall style question is typically appropriate. See CELT’s Low and High-Stakes Quizzes in the Canvas guide. Follow the MORE link below to ask college ODL staff to code your Canvas tests.

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