Canvas settings for quiz feedback

March 19, 2018

The default Quiz feedback settings provides students with their graded submission and the answer key. If all students receive the same questions, this facilitates sharing of answers with others who have not yet completed the quiz. If students are allowed multiple attempts and each quiz is a significant portion (more than 1/3) of the available question pool, they soon have the key to the entire pool. To reduce feedback to just the total score per quiz, uncheck the ‘Let Students See Their Quiz Responses’ button. After the test taking period is over, you can change the settings to allow students to receive more feedback. To allow students to see their graded submissions immediately but not the answer key, leave the ‘Let Students See Their Quiz Responses’ box checked but uncheck the ‘Let Students See the Correct Answers’ box. To completely prevent all feedback during the test taking window, including total score, mute the grade column.

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