Final grades are due May 14

April 23, 2019

Final grades are due by 2:15 p.m., Tuesday, May 14, and can be submitted through either AccessPlus or Canvas (not both). To ensure grades are being calculated accurately in Canvas, check: (1) GRADING SCHEME: Settings > Course Details tab > view grading scheme. Does the scheme in use match the your syllabus or must it be updated? (2) GRADES: Fill all blank cells with zeros, unless activity is worth 0 pt. (3) GRADES: Grade any ungraded submissions – look for small image icons in cells. Must assign grade to every open ended quiz question. (4) GRADES: Check that all columns needed for grade calculation are unmuted. (5) ASSIGNMENTS: Ensure all Extra Credit assignments have a point value equal to 0. If using weighted grading (not recommended), extra credit activities cannot be in a group by themselves. For assistance, contact staff in the college Online and Distance Learning unit.

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Contact Details:

Name: Karla Embleton
Phone: 515-294-9198
Department: in administration