Greg Pliler’s research team awarded grant for Rural Opioid Technical Assistance with PROSPER Step-by-Step, State-by-State (P2S): Expansion of an Extension-Based Opioid Prevention Capacity-Building System:

October 20, 2020

Greg Pliler, program specialist in human development and family studies, received $550,000 from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. This is the first installment of a two-year grant, totaling $1.1 million. The purpose of this project is to develop training and technical assistance for rural communities to address opioid issues. This will be done by (1) continuing the capacity building of current PROSPER/P2S states, (2) expanding P2S into two new states and (3) increasing sustainability by continuing to increase the PROSPER Network Organization’s capacity. 

Other members in this research team include Dick Spoth and Cassandra Knutson, and Hsiu-Chen Yeh, all in human development and family studies. 

Contact Details:

Name: Greg Pliler
Phone: 515-305-9346
Department: human development and family studies