Greg Welk awarded funding for continuation of SWITCH

October 12, 2018

Greg Welk and Barbara E. Forker received the 2nd year of funding from an R21 subcontract with Louisiana State University for the continued dissemination of SWITCH. SWITCH (School Wellness Integration Targeting Child Health) is an interdisciplinary collaboration that includes ISU researchers Spyridoula Vazou, Doug Gentile, and Lorraine Lanningham-Foster, ISU 4-H program specialists Laura Liechty and Ann Tolbert, and collaborators from several other institutions. Senlin Chen, a collaborator from LSU Senlin, developed the grant while at Iowa State. This award builds on the 4 year USDA project to enable the research team to extend the project to middle school youth.

Contact Details:

Name: Greg Welk
Phone: 515-294-3583
Department: in kinesiology