How to add alt text to images

March 23, 2021

In Canvas, a course developer can add alt text to images either when the image is first coded as part of a Page, or in subsequent editing phase. Because any given image file may be used multiple times for different purposes, the alt text is context sensitive and should be reviewed each time the image is used. To edit an image already embedded on a Page, click the image then click the “Image Options” button below it. An Image Option editor appears on the right, where alt text can be added or edited. Be sure to click the blue Done button to save your changes. If you are adding an image already stored in your course Files storage to a Page, the same process is done after the image is placed. If you are adding a new image from outside your course, you have the option to add alt text and other attribute data as part of the file upload process. For more information, visit the Accessibility portion of the Tech Tips site.

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