How to manage re-submitted assignments in Canvas

May 29, 2020

By default, students always have the option to resubmit their Canvas assignments, even after the Due date. If a student resubmits, they lose all access to any earlier submissions they have made —: including access to instructor feedback on the earlier submission. Instructors see re-submissions in their To Do list on the course home page and as ungraded submissions in the grade book. In Speedgrader, a toggle appears in the upper right corner if there are multiple submission by the student. The most recent submission must be graded, but the instructor can apply an earlier grade to it. If resubmitted assignments are not graded, the activity does not count towards the student’s course grade and there can be a different between the student and instructor view of the earned graded. Instructors can reduce this problem by limiting the number of submissions allowed and only grading after the activity has closed.

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