How to navigate the new Canvas Text Editor

January 6, 2021

Canvas has updated its Rich Content Editor (text editor). Tool menus are expanded by hovering over menu words, by clicking the “v” symbol after a menu item, or by clicking the three vertical dots to display menu items that do not fit in the screen due to the current browser window width. The biggest change is in how links to internal course components are created: first, expand the chain link menu, then select Course Links. A new panel appears on the right that has two categories: “Links” (default) and “Files”. “Files” has a submenu showing “Course files” and “My files.” Select “Course files” to show the subfolders and documents stored in the course account. Links has a subfolder showing all other storages and activity components in your course, (e.g. Assignments, Pages, Modules, etc.) Find the thing you wish to create a link to and select it. Canvas provides instructions about the new editor for instructors and students, which can be reached through the “More” link.

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