Incorrect total score in the gradebook

February 19, 2021

If you are seeing incorrect Total scores in the course gradebook, there are several things to check. First, make sure that when you grade assignments, every student is receiving a score — do not leave blank cells. If you leave a grade cell blank, it is as if the activity is not part of that student’s coursework: their grade is calculated as if the activity doesn’t exist. The same is true if you leave a student submissions ungraded: the activity is not included in the student’s Total score until you grade it. If a student submits an assignment more than once, you must have a grade on the LAST submission; in other words, the activity is not considered graded until the last submission is scored. Another factor that can interfere with correct scoring is if Assignment Group Weighting rules added at the end of the previous semester to calculate final grade are still in effect. Most courses should not be using weighted grading during the course of the semester. For additional information, follow the MORE link to the college Tech Tips site.

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