Kinesiology and health seniors presented research on listening and cognition at the international Society for Neurocscience conference

October 22, 2019

Kinesiology and health seniors present research at Society for Neurocscience conference: Molly Norman, Allison Meyer, Emma Gettes, and Cortney Elkin presented their research at the Society for Neurocscience conference on Sunday in Chicago. The seniors in kinesiology and health researched the effect of music listening on cognitive inhibition as part of their work with Elizabeth Stegmöller in the ISU Neurophysiology Lab. The students have worked in the lab since they were freshmen. Two other seniors, Jonathan Mennecke and Ella Gustafson, also contributed to the project but were unable to attend the conference. The team was assisted by graduate student Patricia Izbicki.

The international conference was attended by approximately 27,000 people. The team also drafted a research article on the project that’s under consideration by a research journal.

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Contact Details:

Name: Elizabeth Stegmöller
Phone: 515-294-5966
Department: in kinesiology