Manju Reddy receives 2021 Faculty Inspiration Award for student mentorship that advances nutrition around the globe

February 2, 2021

Manju Reddy, professor and Doris A. Adams Endowed Chair in food science and human nutrition, will receive a 2021 Faculty Inspiration Award from the Iowa State University Alumni Association. Reddy’s work focuses on iron deficiency anemia, toxicity, and the direct impact of nutrition in nations with severe malnutrition. She was nominated for the award by a mentee, Amanda Bries (B.S. ’16 Dietetics, M.S ’17 and Ph.D. ’20 Nutritional Science). 

The award cites Reddy for unwavering patience and respectful, benevolent mentorship that enables student to carry out their work with passion, integrity, and grit. Reddy’s lifelong commitment to her students helps ensure their success in obtaining research grants and increasingly more impactful positions throughout their careers. In turn, those students help expand Iowa State’s far-reaching impact on nutrition around the globe.

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