Midwest Dairy Food Research Center provides funding for College of Human Sciences’ research projects

May 31, 2018

Midwest Dairy Food Research Center awards $90,000 to Iowa State University for two new research projects and three continuing research projects. Four of the awarded projects are based in the College of Human Sciences. Annually, Iowa State receives $90,000, which supports up to three continuing research projects, and up to three new research projects.

The two new projects, funded in 2018, include

    li>Food science and human nutrition (FSHN) professor, Stephanie Clark’s project, “Expanding the potential for lactose-rich dairy product utilization”

  • Materials science and engineering adjunct assistant professor, Rebecca Cademartiri’s project “Application of commercial bacteriophage cocktail to kill Listeria in queso fresco.”

The three projects that received their second year of funding, include:

  • FSHN associate professor, Byron Brehm-Stecher’s project “Developing fast acting, extended efficacy surface sanitizers for protecting dairy environments”
  • FHSN professor, Tong Wang and Clark’s project “Technology for novel and scalable isolation of dairy phospholipids”
  • FSHN assistant professor, Nuria Acevedo and Clark’s project, “Dairy based phospholipid gels for development of yogurt rich in probiotics and milk bioactive”

Two of the continuing collaborative projects, those of Wang and Clark and Acevedo and Clark, are related. Technology and insights gained from these projects, designed to isolate, concentrate, and utilize dairy-based phospholipids to protect and nourish probiotic bacteria, should enable the food industry to enhance the nutritional profile and extend the shelf life of yogurt. Additionally, these two projects have supported Ph.D. student, Nathan Price, M.S. student, Nicole Gaudino, and undergraduate research of Xiaoqing Zhuang.

Contact Details:

Name: Stephanie Clark
Phone: 515-294-7346
Department: in food science and human nutrition