Iowa State University research team featured in Eat This, Not That article for research project regarding red wine, cheese, and cognitive ability

March 16, 2021

Eat This, Not That, a healthy eating, nutrition, and wellbeing website, published a story which draws information from an Iowa State University research article, “Genetic factors of Alzheimer’s disease modulate how diet is associated with long-term cognitive trajectories: A UK Biobank study.” The Iowa State research team includes several food science and human nutrition scholars: Brandon Klinedinst, Scott Le, Colleen Pappas, Nathan Hoth, Amy Pollpeter, Qian Wang, and Auriel Willette. Their study shows that drinking red wine and eating cheese was associated with greater cognitive ability in adults.

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Contact Details:

Name: Auriel Willette
Phone: 515-294-3110
Department: Food Science and Human Nutrition