SOE associate professors share recent book club project

August 23, 2021

Constance Beecher and Ji-Yeong I, associate professors in the School of Education, completed their first cohort of the “Changing the Gap” book club. The project’s purpose is to create a program for parents who have immigrated to the United States. In this book club, Korean parents read children’s books about diversity and learned about interactive reading with their children. Then they worked together to write a children’s book using Korean and English language. 

“This book is full of the parent’s efforts to make connections to their children and shows the parents’ hearts – their wish to support all Asian American students to grow their true dreams no matter what obstacles they encounter,” I said.

The book was published through Iowa State digital press. 

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Contact Details:

Name: Constance Beecher and Ji-Yeong I
Department: School of Education