Viewing inactive students

October 30, 2020

Students who drop a course are tagged as “Inactive” in your Canvas course. Inactive students remain listed in the People list where it also lists the last time they entered the course. By default, inactive students don’t appear in the grade book. However to see them listed, expand the menu in the Student Name header cell by clicking the 3 dots, then click Inactive Enrollments. Repeat these steps to hide the Inactive students. If a student was placed into a Group before they dropped, their name – with the Inactive tag added – remains listed as a group member. The listed group membership number will be incorrect so the only way to know if groups have inactive students it to expand each group and check. Remove an inactive student from a group by clicking the 3 dots in their name box and selecting Remove. You are asked whether you wish to make a new group set or change the existing group: in this situation, you should pick “Change the existing group.”

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