Abigail Tjaden

Major: Event Management
Company/Organization: eXtrodinary florals & events
Company/Organization website: http://xfloral.events
Destination: Polk City, IA
Timeframe: Summer 2018
Advisor/Coordinator Email: rmcclain@iastate.edu


My job responsibilities include running their social media platforms, updating forms and contracts of clients, sitting in on client meetings, coordinate with other vendors for the day of wedding, create floral designs, help with bridal bouquets and boutonnieres, and run pop up shops for various dance recitals.


My greatest accomplishment from my internship so far this week was designing a new production schedule for weddings and creating a wedding website. My boss was complaining about how she needed a new production schedule and she did not like the way hers looked. I had just taken Event373 where we designed our own during class. Applying that knowledge, I created a new template meshing my taste with hers and she absolutely loved it! I felt so proud in that moment that I got to apply my class knowledge to real life situations.

What advice would you give?

My advice for future students would be to ask in the interview how many booked events they have scheduled during the time you would be there. If I had done that, it might have changed my decision to agree to this internship. There is no such thing as a bad experience, even if you feel like you are doing small stuff, in the long run it can show your character and work ethic and that can speak volumes.

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