Caeona Krivolavy

Major: Child, Adult, and Family Services
Company/Organization: Achieving Maximum Potential
Company/Organization website:
Destination: Ames, Iowa
Timeframe: Spring
Advisor/Coordinator Email:


I work with youth in the foster care system to empower them to see their maximum potential. We help them develop skills for adulthood by showing them how to set up a bake account, networking with lawyers and DHS workers, and socializing with one another. The foster care system can be a hard place to navigate, especially without the help of family of origin, so AMP offers a place for youth to feel at home. I do various tasks and each day brings something new. I mostly do set-up and deconstruction of the spaces we use for AMP. I help set up the media, whether that be through posters or the online website. I also mentor youth in this position, too, helping them navigate the life stressors that are thrown their way.


My greatest accomplishment is seeing the youth believe in their futures, when they have received so many messages telling them they can't.

What advice would you give?

The foster care system, and any job relating to human service, involves trauma. Be prepared to acknowledge that trauma, and not t shy away from it.

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