Cassidy Burns

Major: Kinesiology and health
Company/Organization: Anytime Fitness
Destination: Ames, Iowa
Timeframe: Summer 2020
Advisor/Coordinator Email: dpower


-Interact with gym members -Sell membership agreements -Follow up/outreach with leads -General cleaning and maintenance


The greatest accomplishment I had was being able to sell a membership on my own and direct customers through the entire process on my own. Clients get a tour of the facility, have to fill out waivers, and customize their own agreement, so it was really special to be able to do that on my own without the help of my managers.

Learning experience

I learned in my experience about all of the different places people are at with their fitness. It was really interesting to get to meet so many of the clients and see their relationships with my manager and learn about where they are in regard to their fitness level, what they need help with, and where they want to go.

What advice would you give?

Be open to new ideas! COVID-19 switched up my internship plans at the last minute, and I ended up having to complete part of my internship online, but I still had a wonderful experience and learned a lot. Don't turn something down just because it isn't the career path that you picture for the rest of your life.

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