Cindy Ly

Major: Apparel, Merchandising, and Design
Company/Organization: Linda Tong Planners
Company/Organization website:
Destination: West Des Moines, Iowa
Timeframe: Spring 2023
Advisor/Coordinator Email: briaj


Oversaw inventory of thousands of planners and ordered merchandise to maintain stock. Created and monitored social media posts to increase account following by 20k. Supervised online order traffic and provided support via emails to thousands of customers. Produced and packaged hundreds of personalized planners per customer requests.


My greatest achievement during my internship would be learning to problem-solve on my own. I would sometimes come across customer complaints where I learned how to take action and resolve the issue. Learning how to problem-solve will help prepare me for the future when I might come across these perplexing situations.

Learning experience

The greatest lesson I learned from my experience is to make sure to ask as many questions as you can. An internship is a professional learning experience so it's okay to not know everything coming into it. Ask as many questions as you can so that you can gain the knowledge and experience that will help prepare you for your future job!

What advice would you give?

My main advice for the new incoming AMD students would be that it's okay to make mistakes. We are all human and we are not perfect, so don't be afraid to branch out and try something new or different because what comes with making mistakes is that we learn from them and will grow from them.

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