Erica Blankenship

Company/Organization: Colo-NESCO Elementary/Colo-NESCO School District/2nd grade
Company/Organization website: http://:
Destination: Zearing, Iowa
Timeframe: August 2023-October 2023
Advisor/Coordinator Email:


As a student teacher, I had many of the same responsibilities as the other teachers in the school building. I was responsible for planning lessons and activities each day, carrying out these plans, managing the class, assessing students, collaborating with other teachers, etc.


I would say my biggest accomplishment was learning more about classroom management. I was able to observe my cooperating teacher and take note of the strategies that she used. Then, I was able to try them out for myself. I also researched and found other strategies that I was able to try in the classroom.

Learning experience

My learning experience at Colo-NESCO was amazing. I felt continuously supported by my cooperating teacher, and I knew she would help me in any way I needed. The rest of the staff in the building welcomed me into the school with open arms, and I truly felt like a part of their school family.

What advice would you give?

Find time for yourself! It is a stressful time, but you can do it! Prioritize yourself and try to use your planning time to get assignments/work done so that you don't have to take things home. Soak it up; it goes by way faster than you would think. You will remember these kids forever, and you will miss them dearly. Take lots of notes and pictures!

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