Gloria Aguilar


I interact with customers and offer advice, information about products or recommendations. I offer to start fitting rooms and style clients. I work on recovery of store which is maintaining the store area clean and organized. I also unpack merchandise, display fashion items as well as work the register. At the beginning of the month we flip the store and bring in the new collection which is my favorite part because I like looking at the new clothes and working on the displays. I also complete online orders and attend store calls.


My greatest accomplishment was setting up a shop in the store by myself. It was a lot of work but by looking at the store guide I was able to set up Shop 2: Zanzibar Floral Shop. Placement of product is very particular and photos need to be taken after it's set up and sent to a higher up to make sure everything is up to par.

Learning experience

Dress for the job you want. Dress to represent the brand and yourself. But also as a sales consultant it is important to keep in mind that clients will come to you for advice based on how you dress! Being open mined opens your options. Relationships and connections are so important, and keep continuing to network, you don't know who could potentially seek you out.

What advice would you give?

Be open minded and try new things or a different route. Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Be professional and stay organized. Set goals but don't be too intimated by them, take it one day at a time.

Career Connections