Hayley Sebahar

Major: Event Management
Company/Organization: ISU 4U Promise
Company/Organization website: https://www.hs.iastate.edu/isu4u/
Destination: Ames
Timeframe: Fall
Advisor/Coordinator Email: rmcclain@iastate.edu


As an intern at ISU 4U, I am mainly in charge of assisting my team in planning our College Night event, recruiting volunteers, and educating the community at Iowa State and Des Moines about our program. I have been in charge of recruiting volunteer and sponsors for the event. Additionally, teamwork is a big aspect of this job, and we work together on sharing ideas. In preparing for our event, I have had experience with creating signage, mapping, working with volunteers, sponsors, and vendors, creating event materials such as flyers and additional components used at the event. Overall, as an intern at ISU 4U, I have gotten a taste of all aspects of representing an organization and planning events.


My greatest accomplishment from my experience at ISU 4U would be gaining the trust of my employer and team. I think that many people working in internships have a fear or intimidation of the work given that it is a new and hands-on experience that we have never done before. When I first entered this position I was scared of messing up and ruining something within the organization. However, over time I realized that my employer wanted the best for me and that they valued and trusted my ideas and work. This gave me the confidence to excel in my position and also get me excited about my future career in event management.

What advice would you give?

My advice for future students is to not be afraid of taking chances. Applying for internships and joining the workforce is scary and intimidating, but it has such a high pay off. Additionally, I would say that you should make the most of your internship experience. Use your voice, ask questions, and try to make a difference within your organization. I guarantee that your employer will appreciate your perspective and want you to succeed. Good luck!

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