Kaja Schueler

Major: Apparel, Merchandising, and Design
Company/Organization: Ilse Jacobsen
Company/Organization website: http://www.ilsejacobsen.com
Destination: Copenhagen, Denmark
Timeframe: Summer
Advisor/Coordinator Email: annthye@iastate.edu


During my internship this summer, I was supposed to do international sales and marketing, but I ended up doing a little bit of everything. I was doing a little graphic design in that I had to design all of the store windows for all of the free standing stores that she had. I also designed some of the sale banners for the summer sale. I also did a lot of visual merchandising. The head of visual merchandising and I had to redesign the whole showroom to present the new SS20 collection for the international sales meeting. We also designed the trade shows for Berlin, New York and Las Vegas. Additionally, I also did some modeling for their website. That was so much fun!


The biggest accomplishment that I had was being able to make life long friends in a new country. I was working with some of the most amazing, creative people that I have ever met and I am lucky enough to still have such close relations with all of them. These co-workers taught me so much about being bold in the industry, trusting myself and my abilities and making good friends in other countries.

What advice would you give?

My advice to future students would be that if something scares you just because it seems far away or too advanced for you, it will probably be one of the best experiences of your life. You need to think about the opportunities that you will never be able to have again, and you need to take risks.

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