Lexi Gorman

Major: Child, Adult, and Family Services
Minor/option/emphasis: CHFS-Youth Programs
Company/Organization: YSS
Company/Organization website: http://www.yss.org
Destination: Boone, IA
Timeframe: Spring
Advisor/Coordinator Email: enloe@iastate.edu


Delivering science-based sexual health curricula to youth in schools and residential facilities, which includes discussions on healthy relationships and boundaries. I was given opportunities to co-teach alongside my supervisors or prepare and lead my own lessons. I assisted with collecting data for reporting purposes, and attended meetings with staff from other YSS programs. I was also able to help with the planning of Teen Maze, a week-long youth outreach event.


I became comfortable facilitating discussions with youth about healthy relationships and making choices that will affect their lives positively.

What advice would you give?

Seek out internship experiences that will help you grow or give you a new perspective! I'm glad that I chose an internship that built skills I hadn't yet focused on, because it stretched and taught me so much.

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