Madeline Glass

Company/Organization: International Dairy Queen
Destination: Minneapolis, MN
Timeframe: May 2015- August 2015
Advisor/Coordinator Email:


I worked closely with the Quality Assurance team for the first half of my internship. I was given two research projects: antibiotic usage in chicken and GMO's. I presented my findings via PowerPoint to the entire R&D team. I also assisted the QA team with everyday tasks including organoleptic and lab testing of products that came in from Dairy Queen suppliers. The second half of my internship was spent with the Product Development team. My project was to develop a healthy product. I decided to develop a fruit and vegetable smoothie as well as a tomato, mozzarella flatbread! I conducted my own in-house sensory evaluation for the smoothie. At the end of my internship, I presented a shorter PowerPoint presentation to the R&D team regarding the healthy items I developed and why. I also assisted PD with everyday tasks such as assisting in their sensory tests, sitting in on potential supplier presentations, and attending meetings.

Memorable experience

The most memorable experience I have from my internship was presenting my projects. I worked very hard on my research and became very educated. Being able to present that to the team and knowing that my findings may actually influence the way Dairy Queen does business was very rewarding! Creating my own product and going through that process was also very memorable. I got such a better idea of how that works, and how much goes into developing a product between the costs, paperwork, sensory tests, CLTS, etc.

What advice would you give?

This internship was AMAZING! Being able to work with both sides of R&D was very beneficial. Going into this experience I had no idea what side I might fit better into as they are very different from one another. At the end of my experience, I had a better idea of what I personally enjoyed most. I think it was very unique that I got to work with both sides of R&D, and would recommend that opportunity to anyone if given the chance. Getting the chance to experience the corporate world has definitely better prepared me for graduation.

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