Madelyn Kibbee

Major: Apparel, Merchandising, and Design
Minor/option/emphasis: -- Select a Minor --
Company/Organization: Target
Company/Organization website:
Destination: Ames, Iowa
Timeframe: Summer 2021
Advisor/Coordinator Email: briaj


For my internship, my role was being the Visual Captain of the Remodel of the Ames Target store. In this role, I was a the team member that focused on being the Visual Merchandiser for the Remodeled areas of the store. I also partnered along side of the store Visual Merchandiser to maintain the visual standards of the company during our peak construction times. In more detail, my responsibilities included maintaining the visual standards of each remodeled store, executing correct lighting for spotlights around the store, installing overhead signing, setting new fixtures, and maintaining the visual merchandising guidelines of the apparel department.


My greatest accomplishment during my internship was being able to practice and gain more knowledge regarding the visual merchandising role within Target. I feel very satisfied knowing that I was able to show off my talents within the visual merchandising role as the Visual Captain during the Remodel of the store as I can now take this experience when I begin interviewing for a more permanent role as a Visual Merchandiser with the Target company.

Learning experience

The greatest lessons that I have learned from my internship include the importance of working as a team to build the strongest relationship possible to create a strong team. Teamwork stands as a huge part of being successful in large projects, especially ones like the remodel of a store.

What advice would you give?

The advice I would give to future students in my major, is to find an internship that actually interests you and that you want to experience more in if you are wanting to obtain a career in a specific field. I also would advise students to go into an internship with an open mind and to keep a positive attitude no matter the stress you may face.

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