Meagan Miller

Major: Human Development and Family Studies
Company/Organization: LilyPad Learning Center
Company/Organization website:
Destination: Ames, Iowa
Timeframe: Spring 2022
Advisor/Coordinator Email: hswebaid


I was responsible for educating and supervising children of different ages within a classroom setting with one to two other individuals. I helped teach lesson plans, helped at meal times and nap time. I personally floated between different age groups and classrooms ranging from infants to preschool and even with the kindergarten - second grade after school program.


My greatest accomplishment was seeing the growth that I had when handling conflict. Whether that be with children and behavioral issues, or conflict within the staff that I worked with, I have seen myself able to address and work through it rather than passively sweep it under the rug and move on.

Learning experience

I learned that I need to be compassionate but also to not let kids, or anyone else, get away with treating me however they want. I learned that you can still care for a difficult child but you do not have to let them physically or emotionally hurt you. You can almost always do something to redirect their behavior to be more positive and productive.

What advice would you give?

I definitely would say to know your signs of burnout. I definitely did not know mine before this internship but when I quickly found out (the hard way), I really regretted not saying no that one time and then it kept going until I physically could not function without having to force myself to take a break.

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