Natalie Henriksen

Major: Kinesiology and Health
Minor/option/emphasis: Exercise Science
Company/Organization: Deb's Fit Fully Yours
Company/Organization website:
Destination: Ankeny, Iowa
Timeframe: Sumer 2022
Advisor/Coordinator Email: dpower


My responsibilities included leading clientele through their workouts, after creating said workouts. I also created spin routines and instructed group classes (of up to 12 participants) at Deb's side gig at Legacy Fitness in Ankeny. At one point in the internship I deep cleaned the facility (vacuumed, disinfected, organized, etc.). I also did research over various pieces of equipment (TRX, BOSU, Whole Body Vibration Training plates, etc.) and created workouts for clients to complete using the equipment.


Gaining confidence in myself and my ability to instruct clients and groups in fitness.

Learning experience

One of the greatest lessons I learned is that things take time. It takes time to gain confidence and learn how to find your voice and spot as a trainer, it doesn't happen overnight.

What advice would you give?

Expose yourself to as much exercise equipment as possible; there is so much out there, so the more you know, the better!

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