Payton Fettinger

Major: Human Development and Family Studies
Company/Organization: Orchard Place
Company/Organization website:
Destination: Ames, Iowa
Timeframe: Spring 2023
Advisor/Coordinator Email: hswebaid


I observe and assisted with small and large group activities, attended staff development training sessions, observed my MTC's maintaining the safety and security of the residents.


I would say that my greatest accomplishment during this internship was really getting to see all the raw and rough edges that this job has but still wanting to do it in the end. This internship showed my how passionate I really am about this job.

Learning experience

The greatest lesson I learned was it's okay to be sensitive but you need to be sensitive outside of work. This job is high stress, high movement all the time and the last thing you are going to want on your mind is your feelings hurt.

What advice would you give?

Don't be afraid to be passionate about what you love, I wish I would've been way more vocal about my passions during college. I am grateful that I did this internship because it really pushed me to find my passions.

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