Petrina Mitchell

Major: Hospitality Management
Company/Organization: Sodexo
Company/Organization website: http/
Destination: Cleveland, OH
Timeframe: Summer
Advisor/Coordinator Email:


I learned through practical work experience on site, and acquired the management skills necessary to succeed as a Food Service Manager with Sodexo. I was assigned a MENTOR and participated in professional development webinars. I also gained practical experience in food production, patient services, administration, finance, retail, service, marketing, safety and catering management.


Mentoring from a Sodexo manager, Professional development workshops in the areas of  Communication, Networking and Interviewing Skills

What advice would you give?

I will advice other students to get involved on campus with their professors, advisors, and student's organizations. The connections we make, set us apart. If it was not for the National Society of Minorities in Hospitality, I would not have gotten my internship with Sodexo. Furthermore, be willing to learn, adapt to change and get engage during an internship.

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