Rachael Jones

Company/Organization: Haverkamp Properties
Company/Organization website: hpdesmoines.com
Destination: Ankeny IA
Timeframe: April 2015-August 2015
Advisor/Coordinator Email: jjfox@iastate.edu


I am a leasing consultant, so I answer emails of prospects looking to lease with us, then I would take them on a tour if they are interested. If they end up applying for an apartment I would screen their credit, criminal background, and previous rental history. If they are approved then they would come in and sign a lease. I also answer any phone calls or questions for residents.

Memorable experience

My most memorable experience was when an older lady moving into the apartments asked if our maintenance team could take her moving boxes to the trash, but they were very busy and couldn't, so instead of telling her no, I just took the boxes for her after I got off work. She was so thankful she brought me a thank you card and some chocolates the next day. Small acts of customer service like that can help keep the residents happy and make a big difference in how they view the property.

What advice would you give?

My advice is that you should always go into an internship with an open mind, even if you think that it is what you will love and want to do forever. I really thought that property management was something I was going to be considering as a future career, but after my internship I have decided it is not for me. I loved my internship but I just do not see my future in that field.

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