Renee Dau

Major: Elementary Education
Company/Organization: YSS
Company/Organization website:
Destination: Ames, Iowa
Timeframe: Fall
Advisor/Coordinator Email:


This position will be responsible for coordinating all of the logistics of our annual Holiday Giving program, which serves over 400 youth and families. YSS staff submit requests for clients in need of help around the holidays. This position, as part of a team, posts all requests and manages the community donations to fulfill the need. It takes a lot of coordination between YSS staff and members of the community to ensure our clients are taken care of during the holidays.


I think that my greatest accomplishments came from seeing I was able to balance all of the rest of my college life along side of my internship. This was a great test of my organization skills and I saw that I was capable of doing it all. I became more confident in myself as a worker and employee and this is something I can take with me throughout the rest of my career path.

What advice would you give?

Don't be afraid to push yourself because you will be so surprised of what you can do! Internships are a great way to try something new or pursue a goal you are passionate about. It's all about experience and putting your self out there to ensure you reach your full potential.

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