Ryann Heagney

Major: Event Management
Company/Organization: Pro-Ject Innovations
Company/Organization website: http://pro-ject.is
Destination: Chicago, IL
Timeframe: Summer
Advisor/Coordinator Email: rmcclain@iastate.edu


1. Assist with the coordination of client driven projects and strategies. The Intern is responsible for assisting the day-to-day operations of bringing projects to life. Day-to-day tasks and activities include learning about vendor procurement & management, contractor procurement & management, project troubleshooting, internal project communications, following of standard operating procedures, budget & expense management, client relationship management, inventory management, project related shipping & logistics, onsite activation, project related travel, post project reconciliation, Et al. 2. Support and creative development of new projects and client strategies through research, brainstorming sessions, notetaking, pitch support, deck creation, copywriting, and collaboration. 3. Assisting with the engagement within Pro-Ject’s social media community and participating in the success of Pro-Ject’s strategic social media goals. Active engagement includes supporting Pro-Ject’s active social media accounts and services through content creation, editorial planning, post acknowledgements, SEO, Et al. 4. Participate in the creation, implementation, and follow-through of standard operating procedures, organizational processes, and the development of the Pro-Ject brand. Activities include the ongoing support of other team members and the taking on of self-motivated initiatives for the benefit of the company, others, and oneself.


The greatest accomplishment of my experience this far has been being given the responsibility to put together an event all by myself. It was a great experience because it gave me the opportunity to experience the industry first hand. It was my largest project that I've been given thus far and I was able to execute it very well. Planning an event by myself showed my exactly what needs to be done to plan an event.

What advice would you give?

Advice I have for future students is to keep an open mind, there will be some projects that won't be your favorite and other projects that you will love to work on. But they all have value and you will learn something new throughout each project you are given. You might even find out which aspect of the event industry you enjoy more than others and choose to pursue a career in that.

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