Stephanie Johnson

Major: Event management
Company/Organization: Pine Forest Camp
Company/Organization website:
Destination: Greeley, Pennsylvania
Timeframe: Summer 2020
Advisor/Coordinator Email: briaj


Working at Pine Forest Camp this summer, I got the opportunity to oversee the management within three camps; Pine Forest, Lake Owego, and TimberTops. Typically these camps hold thousands of children and counselors but because of COVID-19, they have limited these camps to just families on the weekends. My responsibilities included preparing cabins for families and making sure that everything was sanitized and met guidelines. On the weekends, I was stationed at TimberTops and got to guide families to their cabins and ensure that they have everything they needed for their weekend stay. With COVID-19 regulations, it was very unique to see how they managed camp and prepared for such a big event they have never done before. I think our staff did a fabulous job at pulling this off!


Within less than 24 hours I took a leap of faith and flew to the east coast for my first time to take on a summer internship. As soon as I got here, I was instantly greeted with open arms and got to meet such amazing people that I knew were going to change my life. As my last few weeks near, I can say that my greatest accomplishment was getting offered a full-time position after I graduate, taking a leap of faith isn't such a bad thing after all!

Learning experience

One of the greatest lessons I will be able to take away from this internship is how much I have grown professionally and personally in just a summer. I'll never forget my first day in Pennsylvania my supervisor told me, "If you're afraid to do something, you'll just have to do it afraid." Ever since she told me this, I have applied this into my life and have put myself into such great opportunities I never would have gotten into if I didn't put myself out there.

What advice would you give?

Go out of your comfort zone and make as many connections as you possibly can! You never know who you’re going to meet and the opportunities that can arise.

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