Global Human Sciences

A minor in Global Human Sciences will help prepare you to live and work in a dynamic, global community by studying multiple disciplines in human sciences, cross-cultural and international perspectives, and leadership development. The learning experiences you have as part of this minor will be different than your own lived experiences, broadening your understanding of our global society.

The Global Human Sciences minor will also contribute to your ability to:

  • Develop and demonstrate effective and professional communication skills
  • Deepen your understanding of what it means to be a human scientist
  • Analyze how social, cultural, technological and economic contexts have affected the development of human sciences disciplines at home and abroad
  • Identify and explain how issues of ethics, diversity and social responsibility influence global human sciences

This minor is open to any student at Iowa State. To earn the minor, you will complete a minimum of 15 credits (17 for those participating in international student teaching). This includes six credits of required core courses and nine to 11 credits from a designated list of courses. Though there is no requirement to study abroad as part of this minor, credits from a human sciences study abroad program may apply.

Course Catalog Listing for Global Human Sciences