Derrik Wallace

Major: Event Management
Class: Senior
Timeframe: May 7 2018, May 20, 2018
Type of Experience: Study Abroad
Destination: Czech Republic

Overall Experience

Overall it was an amazing experience. Czech culture is very different from American culture! The program was very unique, we were only their for two weeks and each every day was full a full agenda. We learned a lot about Prague and Czech culture, toured a lot of castles / palaces. We talked with many locals about the history and tried some amazing food. The group I went with was amazing we made so many memories that i will cherish forever!

Memorable experience

The most memorable night of the trip was an overnight trip to the Moravian wine country region of the country. As a group we spent the night in a family-run winery and got to eat amazing food and try a variety of that wineries wines! We learned a-lot about Moravian songs and dances, and spent the night learning about the culture.

What advice would you give?

Advice I have for other students. Definitely take the time to research the country beforehand. It helps to know a little about the country you are traveling to. Like currency, language, electrical current, transportation etc, this research will help you in feeling comfortable in the city you're staying because you know a little about it which makes you less homesick.

How has this experience impacted your life?

This experience allowed me to travel abroad for the first time, and being the first country was Europe was amazing! I have always wanted to see the world and this was the start of my journey. I definitely will feel more comfortable traveling internationally as well and nationally because of this experience because it taught me that you need to try to learn the basic greeting and sayings for there everyday life, It helps tremendously! I learned a lot amount about Prague, its history, the tourism industry, and the culture, which leads to the Czech Republic where i learned a lot about smaller regions and what they have to offer, and it was a fantastic educational experience. In terms of my career goals, this trip provided me with insight into international trends, tourism and experience with international business.

How did you learn about this experience?

I first got an email announcing the program, in which I attended the informational meeting. As well I knew the professor leading the study abroad from previous classes and the department.

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