With space currently underserving students, this critical project needs to move forward and is a top capital project for Iowa State University. The entire complex is designed as one project with the ability to construct it in two phases.

Phase one will move forward utilizing private gifts and university/college support. We are hoping the state will partner with us on additional funding to complete the entire project.

Phase One

LeBaron replacement, new atrium, circulation corridor renovation

The first phase of the project will replace LeBaron Hall with a 44,000 square-foot building that has three aboveground floors and a full basement. A new atrium will add an additional 6,000 square feet making the new structure 50,000 square feet.

The existing 9,400 square-foot circulation corridor will be renovated to match the new aesthetic, improve traffic flow and aid in wayfinding.

  • Cost: Approximately $35.5 million
  • Timeline: Construction is proposed to begin in summer 2023 with the new space opening in the fall of 2025.
Conceptual Exterior

This rendering shows a new LeBaron Hall with a renovated circulation corridor connecting the space to the existing MacKay Hall.

Phase Two

South addition, targeted MacKay renovation

The second phase of the project will add a 20,000 square-foot, three-level structure to the new LeBaron Hall. In total, space will increase by 41%.

This phase also includes renovating 5,000 square feet in MacKay Hall that will preserve historic architecture while updating the space with modern, accessible student-learning spaces.

  • Cost: Approximately $20 million
  • Timeline: Based on funding approvals from proposed state support.
Conceptual Atrium

This rendering shows a new LeBaron Hall with the added 20,000 square-foot atrium that opens the space toward central campus.

Overall Project Facts

  • Total Cost: $54.4 million
  • Total square footage: 70,000
  • Total increase in space: 43.3%
Conceptual Aerial Rendering

Existing buildings are shown in grey. The new LeBaron Hall, south atrium and circulation corridor are shown in color to give an overview of how the complete project connects to existing buildings.