Adult Non-Traditional Students Learning Community (ANTS)

What is ANTS about?

  • Getting together for group lunches
  • Listening to speakers
  • Participating in study groups
  • Meeting other non-traditional students
  • Learning about resources that will make your life easier

Weekly “drop-in” hours

Sloss house (south of Curtiss Hall)
Monday 12-2
Wednesday 12-2
Thursday 11-12

Is ANTS for you?

The ANTS learning community is for college of Human Science students — freshmen through seniors — falling into one of these categories:

  • Adults age 25 and over
  • Adults age 18 to 25 who are married, have children, past military experience, a break in their education, long distance commuter, etc.


AcademicWomen’s Center
Academic Success Center
Undergraduate research — Rosenfeld Internship
CampusCampus maps
Commuter parking
Child care resources
The SHOP Food Pantry: Food Science Building. This service is anonymous — students show their ID to receive food.
Other supportStudent counseling service
Legal services for students
Financial aid


Many adult students assume they are not eligible for scholarships when they may actually be eligible. In addition to possible departmental and college scholarships, non-traditional students should check out the following scholarship resources:

Adult Student Scholarship Fund

ASSISt (Adult Student Scholarships at Iowa State

Division of Student Affairs Adult Student Scholarship 

Ethel L. Whitney Opportunity Scholarship

Weatherspoon Adult Student Scholarship Award

Need More Information?

Darlene Fratzke

118 MacKay Hall
2302 Osborn Drive
Ames, Iowa 50011-1078