Pre-health, pre-medicine programs

A student from any major can be accepted into a health-related graduate professional school, as long as they are appropriately prepared. Seek a major that excites you and equips you with high-demand skills that you can use regardless of whether you choose to pursue further medical study. Iowa State University’s kinesiology and health and nutritional science programs share exceptional reputations for ensuring students are prepared to excel in advanced health studies potentially in the pre-health or pre-medicine programs. You can draw from countless aspects of kinesiology or nutrition to help people become and stay healthy.

Are you interested in…?

  • Medical schools
  • Physician assistant programs
  • Human medicine or sports medicine
  • Physical therapy and occupational therapy graduate programs
  • Dental, optometry, chiropractic, and pharmacy schools

If so, consider one of the following:

Kinesiology and health

Kinesiology and Health Bachelor’s Degree (pre-health professions option)

If you’re intrigued by the ways physical activity can impact health and human diseases, check out kinesiology and health.

Nutritional science

Nutritional Science Bachelor’s Degree (pre-health professional and research option)

If exploring the role that diet plays in the cause, treatment, and prevention of disease stirs your curiosity, check out nutritional science.

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