The College of Human Sciences (CHS) is offering this grant opportunity to facilitate research and stimulate external funding. The purpose of this award program is to provide initial support for collaborative research projects led by CHS faculty.

Intramural Collaborative Research Seed Grants, typically ranging in size from $5,000 -$25,000, can support activities across a two-year period and are intended to yield results likely to engender significant external funding.TheCHS may award multiple Intramural Collaborative Research Seed Grants each year. This opportunity is designed to help foster innovative collaborations among faculty in CHS and across Iowa State that address at least one of the five Iowa State Research Grand Challenges, which focus on Healthy Lives, Sustainability, Advanced Materials and Manufacturing, Data-Driven Discovery, and Global Citizenry.

Complete Details: Refer to the Intramural Collaborative Research Seed Grant Request for Proposals for complete details on eligibility, proposal format, process and reporting requirements.

Support: Our team is here to assist you with budget development and answering questions on the CHS internal funding opportunities.


Proposals due: noon on February 15th

Funds available: July 1st

Funds spent: Funds must be spent and accounted for by the last day of the grant period indicated by the applicant in the grant application.

Final report: Submit a brief report by August 31st of the second year.


The PI(s) must be full-time faculty or staff in CHS and eligible to serve on external funding proposals. Projects must involve multidisciplinary teams. Collaborative groups must include at least two faculty members from CHS who represent multiple CHS departments.

Submission requirements

Proposals must be submitted as a single PDF document (containing the Cover page, Abstract, Narrative, Budget and budget justification, Collaboration (Team Science) Plan, Letters of support, and Curricula vitae) using the CHS Seed Grant submission form.

Reporting requirements

PIs receiving a CHS Intramural Collaborative Research Seed Grant are expected to participate in a CHS-sponsored seminar, submit a final project report, and notifications of each external proposal submitted, each external award received, and any publications or products emerging from this research to the Associate Dean for Research and Graduation Education via the CHS Seed Grant submission form.