Clare Andresen

Clare Andresen plans to work within the counseling field of her major, possibly with financial aid for students. When Clare isn’t studying, she enjoys doing anything artistic, like drawing, painting and crafting.

Get to know Clare 

  • Major: Financial counseling and planning 
  • Class: Senior 
  • Hometown: Clinton, Iowa (Clinton County) 
  • Career goal: A career within financial counseling, possibly in financial aid 
  • Awards/honors: Dean’s list 
  • Favorite place on campus: MacKay lecture hall 0117
  • Most influential ISU mentor: Jonathan Fox 
  • Favorite class: HD FS 489L, Financial Counseling Laboratory 
  • Why Iowa State: Loved the campus

Determined to aid people, Clare Andresen pursues financial counseling

Initially having interest in both child, adult, and family services and financial counseling, Clare Andresen came to Iowa State University undecided to explore her options. She took the general human development and family studies course Individual and Family Development, Health, and Well-being her freshman year.

During the class, a faculty member gave a presentation about the financial counseling and planning (FCP) program. Interested in building human connection while helping others in a finance setting, Clare found the major to be right up her alley. She was no longer undecided; she committed to the financial counseling and planning major with a minor in child, adult, and family services.

“My favorite thing about the FCP program is that I learn skills in both finance and in working with people. I think it is very important for financial professionals to learn how to interact with their clients,” Clare said.

Getting a jump-start on any and all experiences she could, Clare began working as a student adviser at Iowa State’s Office of Student Financial Aid her sophomore year. She still works as a student adviser, as well as a loan officer and program assistant for the Iowa Able Foundation. Both jobs offer her unique experiences and further prepare her for life after graduation. She finds joy in helping clients at both of her jobs. 

“My favorite part of working as a student adviser at the Student Financial Aid office is hearing students’ reactions to the financial support they’re eligible for and realizing they will be able to afford coming to college,” she said. 

Incorporating her interests in finance and family services is important to Clare. Through her work at the Iowa Able Foundation she is able to do both, by helping people of all abilities become financially independent. She does this through helping loan applicants, managing current clients, and occasionally helping to manage Iowa Able Foundation’s social media. 

After graduation, Clare hopes to find a job in financial counseling to empower people to achieve their financial goals.

“I really like helping people overcome financial obstacles, and learn and understand financial concepts,” Clare said.

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