Cory Bock

Cory Bock plans on becoming an artist manager. When he isn’t studying, he loves attending concerts, discovering new music, and checking out local restaurants. 

Get to know Cory

  • Major: Event management 
  • Class: Senior
  • Hometown: Lakeville, Minnesota 
  • Career goal: Artist manager
  • Clubs/activities: Student Union Board
  • Awards/honors: Dean’s list 
  • Favorite place on campus: The Maintenance Shop
  • Most influential ISU mentor: Student Union Board adviser, Jim Brockpahler
  • Favorite class: Event 333, Entertainment Venue Management 
  • Why Iowa State: Following in grandpa’s footsteps, loves the campus 

Involvement with Student Union Board reveals new career path for Cory Bock

Cory Bock came to Iowa State University to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps. Originally a computer science major, Cory joined the Student Union Board (SUB) his sophomore year, and discovered his excitement for the event management field. This led him to explore options within the major.  

“I joined the Student Union Board and got a position on the executive board. This was when I realized that event management was a major here, and the beginning of my journey into the music industry,” he said. 

An avid music lover, Cory’s dream job is to become an artist manager. Artist managers assist artists with day-to-day tasks, advise them on career decisions, and help with publicity and promotions. 

Cory has gained considerable hands-on experience while being at Iowa State through his two internships, participation in SUB, and event management classes. He is confident that he will be able to apply all of the skills he has already gained after graduating. 

His first internship opportunity was with Digital Sound Systems in Lenexa, Kansas as a production intern. Through this internship, Cory developed his skills within the technical field of entertainment production. 

“I got really good at behind-the-scenes components. It also taught me to work in a fast-paced environment,” he said. 

Cory is currently interning as a market intern for First Fleet Concerts in Des Moines, Iowa. He gets to experience a whole new side of the field by managing First Fleet’s social media accounts. Through this internship, he is constantly gaining hands-on experience working with a large amount of followers. 

In addition to interning, Cory stays consistently active within SUB. He has taken on many executive roles since his sophomore year, including The Maintenance Shop director, multicultural and awareness director, logistics coordinator for national events, and hospitality coordinator for national events. He will always credit SUB for helping him find his calling. 

“I’ve met so many amazing people through the Student Union Board. Through it I was able to discover so many different paths within the music industry,” Cory said.

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