Grace Carey

Grace Carey hopes to become a pediatric dietitian after she graduates. When Grace isn’t studying, she likes to workout, cook, and spend time outdoors.

Get to know Grace

  • Major: Dietetics
  • Class: Junior
  • Hometown: Cedar Rapids, Iowa (Linn County)
  • Career goal: Practice as a pediatric dietitian
  • Clubs/activities: Student Dietetic Association co-president, FSHN Learning Community Peer Mentor, WISE student role model, College of Human Sciences Student Ambassadors
  • Awards/honors: Dean’s List
  • Favorite place on campus: The Hub
  • Most influential ISU mentor: Anne Oldham
  • Favorite class: FS HN 265, Nutrition for Active and Healthy Lifestyles
  • Why Iowa State: best dietetics program in Midwest, active student life

Grace Carey heightens knowledge of science for a potential career in pediatric dietetics

Grace Carey’s interest in science sparked at a young age. She enjoyed science-based course work in high school, but didn’t know what career she could pursue in the science field. After some critical thinking, Grace connected the dots and realized that she could incorporate her fascination with the human body and caring nature into a profession in pediatric dietetics.

After visiting Iowa State University, Grace knew it was the place for her because of the vibrant student life. Initially a bit apprehensive about her transition into college academia, Grace felt much more at ease after meeting her professors. 

“[Professors] are really helpful in helping you learn, and even know your first name. They’re more approachable this way,” Grace said.

Grace’s professors also served as her mentors her first year, and they helped her discover what she was really interested in. Through her involvement with the Student Dietetic Association, Grace found that she wanted to narrow down her focus to children’s public health to promote healthy lifestyles to children through programs like school lunch.

“[During meetings,] dietitians would come in and talk about the field, as well as people who work in public food systems. It is helpful to learn about dietetics and get advice from professionals,” she said.

Through the Student Dietetic Association, Grace was able to obtain a better understanding of her course work while gaining insight on her post-graduation plans. She hopes to achieve a master’s degree and conduct research on children’s health.

“Kids are very impressionable and eager to learn,” Grace said. “I want to be someone to promote health to children and provide them with information on disease prevention.”

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