Hannah Buscher

Hannah Buscher wants to become either a physician assistant or a physical therapist in the future. When she isn’t studying, Hannah enjoys exercising, participating in outdoor activities, and spending time with her friends and family.

Get to know Hannah

  • Major: Kinesiology and health
  • Class: Junior
  • Hometown: Mundelein, Illinois
  • Career goal: Pediatric physician assistant or physical therapist
  • Clubs/activities: Kinesiology and Health club, Pre-PA club, Dance Marathon
  • Awards/honors: Winifred Tilden High Scholar Award, dean’s list, ISU top 2% of class
  • Favorite places on campus: Parks Library and Forker Building
  • Favorite classes: HS 350, Human Diseases; KIN 365, Sport Psychology
  • Why Iowa State: Dad went to Iowa State, had family in the area so it felt like home

Hannah Buscher dreams of changing people’s lives, works toward career in medical field

Hannah Buscher always had an inkling that the medical field was right for her, even before coming to Iowa State University. Her mother’s career as a nurse and her own involvement in medical clubs in high school inspired Hannah to explore medicine. She has gotten a good look at how the medical field affects people’s lives through her family.

“My grandfather was in the hospital a few years ago for six months, and he always talks today about how the medical professionals changed and saved his life,” Hannah said. “I think if I can do that for other people’s grandparents or children, that would be a really positive thing. I feel called to do that.”

Before Hannah had decided on kinesiology as her major, she attended Dance Marathon at Iowa State. When she heard about the kids’ medical experiences, it confirmed that she wanted to have a more direct impact on people in addition to helping fundraise for them. Because of this, she declared kinesiology as her major.

“I think that kinesiology, especially in healthcare, gives you a well-rounded view of preventative medicine and physical activity,” Hannah said. “I think kinesiology is really a foundation on how to live a high quality of life.”

Hannah hopes to become a physician assistant or a physical therapist after graduation. Either way, she is set on specializing in pediatrics.

“I’ve started to become more interested in physical therapy recently, especially after taking kinesiology courses, just because I think there’s such an emphasis on rehabilitation and preventive medicine,” Hannah said. “Relieving people’s pain and helping them through injuries is really interesting to me.”

Hannah’s not sure where she wants to attend graduate school yet, but knows she wants take a gap year to volunteer and collect more patient care experience. No matter where she ends up for graduate school or what career path she follows, Hannah just wants to help change lives.

“I think that if I can change one person’s life other than mine and dedicate my time to others, then I know that I’ve made a positive impact on this world,” Hannah said. “I don’t see myself in any other career. With helping people, I think the medical field is the best way for me to do that.”

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