Hannah Even

Hannah Even, a junior in Culinary Food Science, found her passion early on in her life while baking with her mom and grandma. Even loved Iowa State’s environment and she knew Iowa State could provide her with what she wanted to explore the most: baking and science.

Even over her years at Iowa State has surrounded herself with different ways to get involved. She took her love for food science and applied it to her everyday activities by being a part of Culinary Science Club, ISU Dining, and the ISU Creamery where she currently works on the retail and production teams.

As well as being involved on campus, she also worked as an intern at The Mixing Bowl, a local bakery in her hometown. During her time at the bakery, she was not only able to expand her food science knowledge but her communications skills as well.

“I am now able to make a larger variety of things by myself, and I can better understand the role each of the ingredients plays in baked goods. Professionally, I got better at communicating with a group of people, like my coworkers, and communicating with customers,” Even said.

Even completed her internship after her freshman year at Iowa State. She expressed she hadn’t taken many food science classes and took the internship as a huge learning opportunity. She was able to take her newfound knowledge for her internship and apply it to her schoolwork.

“After the internship, I got into more major specific courses like the Scientific Study of Food and Advanced Food Preparation Lab. In those courses, we were taught all about chemical reactions in food and the role ingredients play, so having the knowledge of what I learned over the summer helped me immensely,” said Even.

This summer, Even plans to continue her work at the ISU Creamery as an intern for product development. After she graduates, she hopes to use her experience to continue the path of product development in the food industry.

“My future aspirations include becoming a Product Developement, or R & D, Chef as soon as possible after I graduate from Iowa State. My dream job is to become a Product Development Chef for Wells Enterprises in Le Mars, Iowa.” Even said

Even encourages students on a similar path as her to manage their time in a way that’s both beneficial and fun! She recommends finding club that you enjoy that can double as your job. Her advice to others is to always try new things, since, she herself, found her passion in culinary food science.

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