Jacob Wallace

Jacob Wallace plans on pursuing a job within a wide realm of interests, while utilizing their major and two minors. In Jacob’s free time, they enjoy painting, hiking, exploring, and dressing up in drag. 

Get to know Jacob

  • Major: Hospitality management
  • Minors: Event management, entrepreneurial studies
  • Class: Senior
  • Hometown: Air Force bases
  • Career goal: Deciding between being a recruiter, business consultant, working for a destination management company, or starting a business 
  • Clubs/activities: Iowa State branch of the Professional Convention Management Association Student Chapter (PCMA)
  • Favorite place on campus: West lounge in the Memorial Union 
  • Most influential ISU mentor: Ken Tsai and Rita McClain 
  • Favorite class: AESHM 474, Entrepreneurship in Human Sciences 
  • Why Iowa State: Perfect combination of being big, but comfortable 

Jacob Wallace builds creativity through hospitality, event, entrepreneurial studies

Jacob Wallace grew up on Air Force bases, so traveling has always been part of their life. Outside of having a background in travel, Jacob also has a connection to performing arts; their favorite memory was viewing musicals at the West End in London. These elements, combined with a love for working with people, led Jacob to Iowa State University’s hospitality management major. 

At Iowa State, Jacob quickly learned that they wanted to obtain knowledge covering a wide range of topics to ultimately help advance them in their career. 

“I had heard of the event management program from all of my friends and realized it was more closely related to tourism and entertainment. That is when I picked it up as a minor,” Jacob said. “I have also always loved being a creator and independent. I had heard of the entrepreneurial studies minor from a friend, and thought it would be a fun addition to my studies.”

Claiming both event management and entrepreneurial studies as their minors, Jacob has felt like they have gained a larger skillset overall. 

“I have a lot more skills now than I did before. I also have different outlets for my creativity,” Jacob said. 

Outside of classwork, Jacob is the president and founder of the Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA) on Iowa State’s campus.

Attending a school field trip to Kansas City, Missouri, Jacob was able to learn about PCMA and was approached with the idea of opening a chapter on campus. Stepping up, Jacob decided to become the president and founder of Iowa State’s PCMA branch. This position has allowed them to obtain professional leadership skills, as well as gain copious amounts of networking opportunities. 

Jacob has had to find a way to balance their many commitments between work, school, and being PCMA’s president, as well as making time to hang out with friends. Although it’s been a lot to adapt to, Jacob believes that they have done it well.

“In taking one step at a time, confiding in people I trust, and pushing through, I have accomplished my responsibilities and goals with flying colors,” Jacob said.

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