Kayla Schaufenbuel

Kayla Schaufenbuel aims to be a middle school math teacher and a high school volleyball coach in the future. When Kayla isn’t studying, she enjoys playing intramural sports, and watching “The Office” and “The Bachelor”.

Get to know Kayla

  • Major: Elementary education
  • Class: Senior
  • Hometown: St. Lucas, Iowa (Fayette County)
  • Career goal: Middle school math teacher, high school volleyball coach
  • Clubs/activities: Iowa State Women’s Volleyball Club
  • Awards/honors: Dean’s list 2018-19, College of Human Sciences scholarship recipient
  • Favorite place on campus: Center for Technology in Learning and Teaching
  • Most influential ISU mentors: Diana Figueredo and Lisa Norris
  • Favorite class: MATH 195, Mathematics for Elementary Education
  • Why Iowa State: Liked Ames community, family members attended Iowa State

Kayla Schaufenbuel combines interests, aims for career in teaching and coaching

Kayla Schaufenbuel has always enjoyed participating in sports and working with kids; now, she’s on her way to attaining a career that harnesses both of those passions.

Kayla came to Iowa State University to pursue engineering after shadowing a family member in the field. Though she was interested in engineering, she felt that something was missing.

Having extensive experience coaching youth baseball and softball, she realized she missed being involved in sports. Since she had also considered teaching as an option, she decided to follow her interests and start connecting herself to children’s lives again.

“I missed interacting with children, [and] seeing them grow and develop over time. I just missed working with kids,” Kayla said.

After switching her major to elementary education, with endorsements in math, reading, and coaching, Kayla knew she had made the right choice. She aims to combine her love for math, children, and sports by becoming a middle school math teacher and a high school volleyball coach. 

In addition to her volunteer experiences with operating an after-school program in Gilbert, Iowa, and overseeing game helpers for the Iowa State volleyball team, Kayla has completed two practicums that were extremely helpful to her future career. Her favorite practicum was in the math room at a school in Ogden, Iowa, where she enjoyed teaching the same math lesson throughout the day. She enjoyed being able to improve with each delivery of the lesson.

“Being in the math classroom definitely solidified the idea that [teaching is] what I want to do every day,” Kayla said.

Kayla hopes to continue to absorb all the information she can during her time at Iowa State, and she encourages other students majoring in elementary education to do the same.

“Take advantage of all of the opportunities Iowa State gives you because it is really beneficial to get into the classrooms right away,” she said.

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