Lucy Burzynski

Lucy Burzynski plans on working with a non-profit to help provide exercise/sport and health resources to underserved communities. In her free-time, Lucy enjoys exercising, singing, dancing, being outside, and watching Netflix. 

Get to know Lucy

  • Major: Kinesiology and health, exercise science option
  • Class: Senior
  • Hometown: Milwaukee, Wisconsin 
  • Career goal: Work with a non-profit that provides exercise/sport and health resources to underserved communities
  • Clubs/activities: ExerCYse is Medicine on Campus, Womxn of Colour Network
  • Awards/honors: Member of the George Washington Carver full-tuition scholarship cohort of 2017, Winifred Tilden scholar award, Herb Kohl Excellence scholarship
  • Favorite place on campus: Multicultural Student Affairs Office 
  • Most influential ISU mentor: Nancy Camarillo, Rosie Perez
  • Favorite class: HSE 309, Behavioral Aspects of Sport and Exercise
  • Why Iowa State: George Washington Carver scholarship 

Lucy Burzynski learns about herself working towards goal of aiding underserved communities 

Lucy Burzynski always knew that she wanted to be in a profession that helped people. This knowledge, combined with her attraction to kinesiology, ignited her devotion to working with underserved communities by providing them with exercise, sport, and health resources.

“This comes from my upbringing in Milwaukee, education in the Milwaukee Public Schools system, a childhood cultivating diverse relationships, and a general passion for social justice and eliminating systemic barriers to health and prosperity,” Lucy said.

In addition to her kinesiology major, Lucy has decided to declare psychology as her minor. 

“I think that by better understanding humans, their behaviors, their choices, I can better act as a public servant,” she said. 

While working to discover her own sense of community and belonging on campus, Lucy has become an active member in a variety of clubs and organizations, including: ExerCyse is Medicine on Campus, the Womxn of Colour Network (WOC), and a Committee on Lectures student member. 

“The Womxn of Colour Network, along with a few of my classes, has pushed me to explore my own identity, understand the position of WOC in the world, especially from a public health perspective, and prepare me to work with diverse and oppressed communities,” Lucy said.

To shape her college experience while accomplishing her dream of studying abroad, Lucy decided to study at Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia, during her junior year. During her time abroad she developed friendships and a new-found perspective that allowed her self-confidence to flourish. 

“My college experience has been full of learning more about myself, my identity, my strength, and my value,” she said.

When it comes to advice for future students, Lucy encourages them to utilize the counseling services available on campus, and seek out communities that will allow them to feel connected.

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