Buckingham-Schutt appointed to assistant professor and community health and nutrition specialist

Faculty News

New faculty member will conduct research and engage in education across the state in the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition

By Ethan Stoetzer, Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition

The Iowa State University Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition (FSHN) and Human Sciences Extension and Outreach (HSEO) have appointed Lyndi Buckingham-Schutt as an assistant professor and community health and nutrition state extension specialist. Buckingham-Schutt will begin her new role Feb. 1, 2022.

In her new position, Buckingham-Schutt will execute the mission of both the College of Human Sciences and Iowa State University Extension and Outreach by conducting research and translating that knowledge into educational offerings and resources. Buckingham-Schutt will interact with ISU Extension and Outreach staff across the state to engage Iowans with research-based education and empower them to live their best lives.

“We expanded this position to include community health as well as nutrition based upon the needs of Iowans, especially as we think about the future of health outcomes associated with the pandemic,” said Director of Human Sciences Extension and Outreach Debra Sellers. “We are excited about the experience and expertise that Dr. Buckingham-Schutt brings to the position and anticipate that she will create positive change that will benefit Iowans.”

Buckingham-Schutt’s appointment marks a return to her alma mater, where she spent much of her academic and professional career. She previously earned her bachelor’s degree in dietetics and her doctorate in nutritional sciences from Iowa State. Additionally, Buckingham-Schutt was a U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) fellow for childhood obesity prevention at Iowa State, where she studied the impact of a physical activity, nutrition and behavioral intervention during pregnancy to improve maternal and fetal outcomes.

Buckingham-Schutt was previously the director of wellness and nutrition policy at The Harkin Institute, where she was responsible for developing and implementing the organization’s wellness and nutrition policy agenda, research projects and educational outreach. Her primary research focus was developing evidence-based policy approaches to improve food and nutrition systems that support access to healthy food, sustainable development and food equity. Buckingham-Schutt previously worked as an adjunct professor at Simpson College in Indianola, Iowa, and is a frequent guest lecturer in food, nutrition, and policy courses. She received the Young Dietitian of the Year Award from the Iowa Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and received ISU’s Research Excellence Award, both in 2017.

“The Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition is thrilled to have someone of [Buckingham-Schutt]’s academic and outreach prowess,” said Interim Department Chair Lorraine Lanningham-Foster. “It is great to welcome her back to the Iowa State community as someone who has learned from us and understands our mission and values. We are excited to be a part of her next chapter at Iowa State with both our students in the department, and the constituents in the state of Iowa.”

In addition to her research and appointments, Buckingham-Schutt serves on the boards of Above + Beyond Cancer and Iowa ACEs 360. She is a member and vice chair of the Legislative and Public Policy Council for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, and is the greater Des Moines sister cities commissioner for the city of Windsor Heights. Buckingham-Schutt was also a fellow in the National Leadership Academy for the Public’s Health’s 2019–2020 cohort for the Public Health Institute, Center for Health Leadership and Practice.