Undecided? No problem!

Have you looked at all of our options and can’t decide? Do you have an interest in several different areas? Do any of these areas spark an interest?

  • Health, wellness, nutrition, fitness
  • Children, teens, parents, elderly
  • Food, hospitality, event coordination, club management
  • Teaching, special education, family services, personal finance
  • Apparel, fashion, merchandising, design

Enroll as Undecided

The College of Human Sciences has 15 majors and multiple options to choose from, leading to hundreds of possible careers.  You can enroll in the College of Human Sciences even if you don’t want to make a decision on a major right now. When you apply to Iowa State select Undecided – Human Sciences.

Learning Community

Making INformed DecisionS (MINDS) learning community is designed just for you. You will explore your educational possibilities in the College of Human Sciences during your first semester orientation course. In MINDS, you will discover many career options and identify how they align with your strengths.

MINDS members will also have peer mentors who are upper-class students who were also undecided about a major when they first began college. Through the social activities and study groups they schedule, you will get to know other students in MINDS and build a great foundation for your college career.

If you are interested in linking your interests to majors in the College of Human Sciences, you can explore Career Connections, where our students share their internship, student teaching, and practicum experiences. You can also refer to our Careers sheet for examples of career titles aligned with majors of recent graduates.

Combine Your Interests

The College of Human Sciences offers unique ways to combine different areas of interest.

Examples of major/minor combinations:

Kinesiology & nutrition

Hospitality management & event management

Child, adult, and family services & psychology

Apparel, merchandising, and design & dance

Financial counseling and planning & child, adult, and family services

Event management & child, adult, and family services

Elementary education & child, adult, and family services

Elementary education & psychology

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